Historical posts - Composite from March 2007

I am merging a couple of posts into this blog that were posted by me to another blog back in 2007-2008 which may be of use to some readers. This is because most people who read this site are interested in RoomBuilder and in particular the straight skeleton blog posts, some of which were never included here.

There are 3 posts to follow:

  1. A composite image shot of four rooms generated from RoomBuilder back in March 2007
  2. A post detailing a breakthrough with the straight skeleton post from September 2008
  3. A post about external straight skeletons, also from September 2008.

Hope they are useful and would be great to get feedback from readers as to what they are looking for when they visit my blog.



Max said…
Actually two posts were duplicates of each other, so only two posts here.

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