Holographic Capture using Multiple Kinect - A DIY Approach with Lessons Learned!

Lessons Learned Creating a DIY Holographic Capture Rig using Multiple Kinect SensorsI’ve always had a strong interest in technology and photography and consider myself to be an early adopter. I also have a passion for graphics, virtual reality and have a background in software architecture and development. Several years ago, I acquired a Kinect for Windows device, but because of USB issues on my main PC, I didn’t get around to playing with the hardware for a long time. Kinect can be notoriously fussy about which USB 3 controllers it will work with, this is a well-documented issue.Eventually, I managed to get a USB expansion card that played nicely with the Kinect and I fired up the SDK examples to see what it could do. I was impressed, even if there was a lot of depth noise, particularly at the edge of objects - so called flying pixels.
I’m not sure when it happened, whether it was prompted by getting an Oculus VR kickstarter headset (DK1) or by the birth of my daughter, but at some st…