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RoomBuilder V1

Just to cheer myself up, I thought I'd post some screenshots of room models created in the original version of RoomBuilder, rendered in Cinema4D XL. These were done a few years ago. Time flies eh?

A Georgian style door.

A more modern look.

A poor paint job!

One final one, with a few plants and textures added (not from RoomBuilder).

Straight Skeleton Madness (a plea for help)

After completing my work on boolean path operations, I have moved on to looking at algorithms for offsetting polygons. One of the ones that stands out is known as the 'straight skeleton' algorithm. This computes a set of connected paths which describe the position of verticies as the polygon offset size is altered. Unfortunately, it's only directly applicable to straight line paths (with mitre joins), but that's good enough for now. The algorithm is straightforward for convex polygons, but gets a little bit more complex when dealing with concave points, since this can lead to the creation of sub paths.

In theory, while the straight skeleton is not directly applicable to offsetting, it produces a structure which can be used to calculate an offset path. As an aside, the straight skeleton of a polygon is ideal for determining its 'roof structure' - which will be of use elsewhere in my software.

Progress on my .NET straight skeleton code has been slow but fairly dec…