Extruding profiles along paths.

Well, a quick update from me. I have now complete my extrusion code. This allows you to take a path and a profile, for example some bezier splines, and will generate a textured mesh of the result. This is a real building block for creating rooms, but has been rewritten completely since the original version.

I've knocked up a simple WPF viewer to examine the results and to check that the texture mapping works ok - other than an axis flip, it looks pretty good. As the examples show, the code supports different smoothing angles for profiles and paths and will also seal the ends of the path using the triangulation, discussed in some earlier posts. Anyway, it's great progress.

I stand at a bit of a divide now. To progress to start writing the WPF application, or to consider a tough cookie - creating a 3D CSG engine. I don't strictly need the latter and it could be a huge diversion, but the challenge is tempting.

Well, back to it ...


Max said…
Hummm, proofreading required. How to edit my post!
Max Palmer said…
I'm still around and hope to resurrect roombuilder for creating VR worlds.

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